Recommendations to Help Prepare for Your Military Relocation

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Moving can be one of the more stressful events that you will complete in life. But when you are serving in the military, moving can be commonplace and can occur every few years during your career. Here are some recommendations to help you plan for and complete your next military relocation.

Prepare Your Home

Because you know when your military relocation is set to take place, you can start to make preparations for the event several weeks or months beforehand. All your household items will need to get packed and moved, then unpacked at your new place, so declutter beforehand. This is especially helpful when you know you will need to downsize when you move to your new location. Go through your house and declutter items you no longer need or use and donate them or dispose of them into the trash. You could even have a yard sale to get rid of extras you don't need. 

Next, make a record of all your items by taking photos of them. Go through your home to take pictures of furniture and your appliances and electronics that will go with you. This is a great way to have a physical record of your items and their conditions if you need to file an insurance claim for damage or loss during the move.

The day before the movers arrive, start taking apart any furniture that will need to be disassembled, such as beds. Place all the hardware into a plastic zip-close bag and tape it to the bed frame so you keep track of them. Then, take a photo of the wiring to the back of your computer and your television set-up so you can easily reassemble it at your new place.

Work With Your Relocation Real Estate Agent

An essential part of your relocation is finding a new home at your next duty station. Whether you were renting before or lived in military housing, you can buy a home at your next duty station, and a real estate agent versed in military relocation is a great resource. 

Contact a military relocation realtor at your new location and they can provide details of neighborhoods, home prices, and areas close to the military installation so you can get to know the area. They will be able to provide you with homes that match your search criteria so you can review them online and complete a virtual home search with their help. Your realtor can provide you with video tours or additional information on a home, and essentially be your eyes and ears in your new area.

Give your relocation agent home search details and features so they can narrow down your options. You may want to schedule a visit to the location over a weekend to tour through some properties to help you make a final decision. You can find a home to buy and close on it with the help of your real estate agent before you complete the physical move to make your relocation less stressful.

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