How To Prepare For The Photographer When Listing Your Home

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After signing the listing agreement with a real estate agent, the agent will hire a real estate photographer to take pictures of your home. They will use these pictures in your home listing, and the goal is to make sure they look as good as possible. As the homeowner, you will need to do your part to ensure that your home looks great before the photographer arrives. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the photographer.

Remove Clutter and Clean Everything

The first thing to focus on is your home's interior. You might have already completed this step by now, so you might not have much to do to prepare it. Cleaning your home is vital before listing your house, and removing the clutter is also necessary. When you remove the clutter and clean your house, it will look much better to people who view it. It will also look nicer when the photographer takes pictures to use in your advertising.

Test and Replace Your Light Bulbs

Next, you might want to test all your light bulbs. If you find some that are not working, replace them. If you find some that are not bright enough, replace them with brighter bulbs. The photographer will likely want your lights on when taking pictures, as this will help brighten up the rooms.  

Open the Window Treatments

You might also want to open your window treatments before the photographer arrives. Allowing natural light to come into your home improves its appearance. It might also help improve the quality of the photos.

Mow, Trim, and Tidy Up the Yard

When you finish working on the inside of your home, you can start on the outside. Before the photographer arrives, it is vital to mow your grass and trim the weeds. If possible, move your garbage cans out of sight and make any other necessary adjustments for the exterior.

Spruce Up the Front Porch

As you work on the outside of your home, you might want to take a few minutes to spruce up the front porch. The photographer will snap some pictures of your home's front entryway, and you will want these pictures to look as attractive as possible. Your agent can offer tips about what you can do to improve the looks of this area.

If you do these things, your house will look great when the photographer arrives. If you would like more tips, contact a real estate photographer.

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