3 Ways In Which A Senior Real Estate Specialist Can Benefit Your Downsizing Process

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As children grow up and move away, many parents look forward to making changes in their own lives. One of the most common of these changes is downsizing from a large family home into a smaller home, condo, or apartment that will be more affordable and more convenient for a couple or single person to both live in and maintain. 

But the process of downsizing can be a lengthy one that will require making many decisions. If you are nearing the time of life when you will want to downsize, this information can make it easy to understand the value of using a senior real estate specialist to assist you during your transition. 

Specialized education and training

In order to be designated as a senior real estate specialist, agents and brokers must first undergo special training to strengthen the skills and knowledge they will need to help seniors with their specific real estate needs.

In addition to becoming more familiar with aspects related to retirement and downsizing, agents with this specialization will also be better equipped to help their clients with questions on retirement investing, mortgage options, and selecting a property that will best fit their needs during this time of life.

Senior-focused networking

Another reason to opt to work with a senior real estate specialist is their ability to offer their clients the benefits of their network of senior-focused professionals. Successful, experienced agents who have chosen to work with senior clients will have established a strong network of professionals such as financial and retirement planners, attorneys who handle wills, trusts, and real estate, movers, and repair and building contractors.

Senior real estate market and trends

Senior real estate specialists focus their time and attention on the segment of the real estate market that best fits their clientele. In most areas, these agents will have a good working knowledge about senior-friendly developments, as well as single and multi-family homes that offer the location or amenities most often desired by their senior clients. 

Senior real estate specialists are also willing to communicate with their clients in a way that is comfortable for them. For example, some older clients may prefer to speak directly with their agent by phone or in person, instead of utilizing technology for texting or email. 

To learn more about senior real estate specialists in your area and the benefits they may offer you, contact a broker and ask to speak with an agent who offers this skill set.

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