Renting a Small Apartment for the First Time? 3 Features to Prioritize

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Deciding to rent an apartment that's smaller than what you're used to living in can be a big decision. You probably want to make sure that the apartment is not going to be a bad choice for where you'd like to live. Rather than focusing only on the monthly rent of different apartment listings for rent, there are some important things you can prioritize to feel confident that the apartment is going to be a good match, even if it's a bit smaller than where you're used to.

Natural Light

With a smaller apartment, it's likely that the apartment won't have as many windows simply due to there not being enough walls to support them. If this is the case, you need to consider the size of the existing windows as well as which direction the apartment faces. This can help you make sure that the apartment still gets plenty of natural light so that the apartment still feels inviting and welcoming for you.

Energy Efficiency

As you check out different apartments that are smaller in size, you may be moving into an apartment with the intention to save money. If this is the case, you want to make sure that you're not going to be paying a ton of money on the monthly utilities even if the rent is low. Taking a look at the energy efficiency of some of the apartments can help you make sure that the apartment is comfortable for you and won't be expensive to heat or use year-round.

This means taking a look at the appliances, as well as insulation that you can expect so that the apartment is comfortable for you.

Spacious Layout

With a smaller apartment, you'll have less square footage to live in, but it doesn't need to mean that the space will need to feel cramped. Taking a look at some of the layouts of apartments available and the size of some of the main rooms can help you determine exactly how big the apartment will feel after you move in.

As you get ready to pick out an apartment, you need to know exactly what you can be looking for in order to make sure that the apartment is going to be a good match for the size that you want. With some of the above tips, you can avoid ending up in an apartment that is far too small and make sure that the apartment you rent will still feel spacious enough and fitting for what you want in a living space.

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