Should You Buy A Home If It's Suspected To Be Haunted?

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In the 1970s, George and Kathy Lutz were shown 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York by a friendly real estate agent who informed them of the dark history of the home. George and Kathy overlooked the fact that house that was the site of a multi-person homicide, so they gladly took the house at an attractive price and moved in. Whether you believe in the paranormal or the hype surrounding the Amityville Horror House, you can take it as fact that the Lutz's only made it 28 days in their new home before they left. They had bought a haunted home, or at least that was their explanation of why they left. 

If you find your dream home and it is said to be haunted, would you buy it anyway? Should you? Here are a few things to consider about buying a home that is reported to be haunted. 

Haunted homes can come with certain perks believe it or not. 

So you are buying a home that may come along with a few unseen specters, but making the decision to buy a house that has this kind of reputation can actually fetch you a few perks. For example, you can oftentimes buy a haunted house for far below market value. Therefore, if you do move in and find out you and the inhabiting spirits just don't get along, you're likely not going to lose money if you decide to sell soon after.

A whopping 15 percent of buyers claim they would be willing to buy a haunted house if the place had a low enough price tag. Plus, haunted homes can sometimes be an all-out attraction for buyers. 

Buying a haunted home can be all hype and nothing concrete. 

Houses, just like people, gain reputations throughout the years. Not all homes touted to be haunted actually are haunted with paranormal entities. Some homes just garner that reputation because of a not-so-friendly event or occurrence in the home. For example, it is a common saying that homes where people die, are haunted.

About 20 percent of people die in their home, and 20 percent of the annual deaths is a lot, so many people do die at home and not all those houses end up being reportedly haunted. There's actually a website called DiedInHouse dedicated to helping people find out if a documented death took place at a certain address. 

Whether you want to avoid a haunted house or hope to find one, a real estate agent can help you buy a house you will adore.

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