Is it Possible to Sell Your House Faster by Timing the Market?

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If you are the type of person who likes to thoroughly plan things as a way of being more productive and efficient, you might be thinking about the right time to put your house up for sale. Timing the market simply means predicting the future market trends so you maximize your investment. Timing the sale of your house is not a simple task, yet there are things you should know about determining the right time to sell real estate.

Base it on the best time of year

According to research and statistics, homes that are put up for sale between May 1 to May 15 tend to sell the fastest. One of the reasons why this is good for sellers is because spring is a time of year when people start feeling motivated to do things, such as cleaning or upgrading their property. Also, many families try to choose a house at this time so that they can complete their moves during the summer months when the kids are not in school. If you are trying to time your sale, consider taking advantage of this season and put your house up for sale during this 15-day period.

Know the differences in market conditions

The second thing to understand about timing in real estate is market conditions. The two main conditions to watch are are a buyer's market and a seller's market. If you want to sell fast, you would need to make sure you list it during a seller's market, or when the demand is more than the supply. At this point in the market, the conditions are highly favorable for sellers. If you try selling in the opposite market, a buyer's market, the conditions will not be nearly as favorable for you because there are too many properties to choose from. This might cause delays in finding a buyer.

Properly stage your home so it appeals to everyone

The other factor to consider is staging your home. No matter when you put your home up for sale, it should be completely staged first. While this is not really a timing issue, staging is an important factor for every home sale. Staging a home makes a difference in selling it, and your real estate agent can help you learn more about staging your home.

If you take these three tips in mind, it might be possible to time the market and sell your house quickly. If you would like assistance with this, you can learn more by talking to a local real estate agent.

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