3 Most Important Qualities Of A Community With An HOA

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If your house is in a community that is controlled and managed by a homeowner's association (HOA), you probably moved to this community because of the quality it offered. The quality of a community with an HOA is only as good as the quality of the management company that controls the organization, and there are times when communities must replace the management company due to the quality of their services. Here are the top three qualities of communities with HOAs, and these are the qualities you should look for when choosing a new HOA management company.


Communities managed by HOAs should be very neat, tidy, and clean. A good HOA management company will focus on caring for the community in ways that keep it clean and well-maintained. To do this, the company would have to focus on enforcing the rules in the neighborhood and managing the weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance tasks needed in the neighborhood. When a company cares for a community like this, the houses, yards, and common areas look nicer and are better cared for. This will result in the prices of the homes sticking where they are or increasing, and it will help prevent home prices from falling. People will want to move to this community because of the way it looks and is cared for.


A second important quality in a community is uniformity, and this is essential for communities with HOAs. Uniformity refers to everything looking the same, and there are rules the residents must follow in order to meet this requirement. The rules that enforce uniformity include rules such as the type of fence residents can put up and the number of cars they can park in their driveways.

Completion of long-term projects

The third quality needed in an HOA community is the completion of long-term projects. Part of the money collected by the HOA should be designated for long-term projects, and the money for this is placed in an account called a reserve fund. If there is not enough money in the reserve fund, long-term projects cannot be completed, and this is why budgeting is a vital part of HOA management.

There are all kinds of HOA management companies you can hire, but they are not all equal. As your community looks for a new company to hire, make sure that the company you choose focuses on the importance of these three qualities. For more information, contact a professional like Bradley Scott, Inc.


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