3 Ways To Keep Pests Away During The Winter Time

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Pests don't disappear just because it is cold outside. During the winter you need to make sure that you don't let your guard down. You need to guard against pests during the winter just like you do throughout the rest of the year. There are a few specific things you can do during the winter months to make sure that pests stay out of your home during the winter months.

#1 Repair Damaged Screens

If you have windows or door screens that have tears in them, take the time to fix them up this winter. You can purchase window mesh screen patch kits, which you can apply and adhere to your window using a hairdryer. You can also replace the entire screen if the rip is really large or the damage to the screen is extensive. Lots of little bugs can make their way in through a ripped screen, and larger pests can take advantage of a ripped screen and use it as a way to get into your home. You may not be opening your windows up much this winter, but when you do open your windows up again, you are not going to want to let any pesky pests inside.

#2 Keep Firewood Away from Your Home

It may feel smart to keep firewood up against your home. After all, it cuts down on the distance you have to carry the firewood. However, storing your firewood up against your house is not a good call.

When you place your firewood up against your house, you invite a whole host of pests to get a little too close with your home. Mice like to make nests in wood, as do ants and termites. Put some space and distance between your wood pile and your home.

#3 Install a Chimney Screen

Next, make sure that you have a screen over your chimney. Without a screen, all kinds of debris, as well as pests, can get into your chimney. Adding a chimney screen or flute or cap will help seal off the top of your chimney and ensure that smoke is the only thing that comes out of your chimney.

Keep the pests out of your home this winter by sealing up your chimney. Keep firewood away from your home. Seal up and repair any damaged screens. Being proactive is the best way to keep pests away from your home this winter. Contact your local pest control services today for more information and assistance. 

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