Things To Do Before Listing Your Home

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If you are hoping to get the highest price possible when selling your house, there are some steps you will need to take before you list the house for sale. While you may need to complete more steps than the ones listed here, you should begin by reviewing this list of steps that most homeowners take prior to listing their homes for sale.

Make any obvious repairs the house needs and remove clutter

Before you contact a real estate agent, go through your home and make a list of repairs it needs. After making the list, complete the repairs. The types of repairs you should do include anything obvious in the home. For example, if there is a ceiling fan that doesn't work, replace it. If a door does not open properly, fix it.

Secondly, go through your home and remove any clutter present. Clutter is not a good thing to have in a house when selling it, and you should remove all the clutter you have before you contact an agent.

Contact a real estate agent

Once you complete the first step of making necessary repairs and decluttering your home, contact a real estate agent and invite him or her over to your house. Before the agent arrives, you should prepare yourself to receive advice and feedback about your home, as this is part of a real estate agent's job. The agent will take a close look around your house to see what condition it is in and to see what can be done to make the home more appealing to people who are currently looking for homes to buy.

Prepare the home according to the agent's suggestions

After the agent leaves your house, you will probably need to get some work done before you can list it, and you should take every piece of advice seriously that the agent gives you. For example, if the agent tells you that your house is too dark and dingy, you might need to repaint everything and remove the old, dark curtains you have. No matter what the agent tells you, try to follow his or her advice, as agents tend to know what helps sell a house and what hinders a sale of a house.

These are the top three things you should do before listing your home. If you would like advice about your home and the best things you can do to sell it, contact your local real estate agents today.

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