Three Ways To Provide Housing For Employees Working In Different Cities

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When companies expand rapidly or have locations throughout the country, they often find themselves in need of corporate housing. The housing might be used for executives working temporarily in a secondary location, or it might be needed for helping employees transition to new cities for permanent positions. With these different needs come different options for corporate housing. Here are a few options to consider for housing your staff in cities across the country.

Residence Hotels

Residence hotels combine the benefits of hotel living with long-term housing accommodations. These hotels offer room rates by the week or month, making them great options for temporary homes. They often include kitchenettes or full kitchens so your executives can enjoy home-cooked meals. Some residence hotels provide suites with separate bedrooms and living rooms to create a space that feels more like being at home. A great benefit of these hotels is that they are located throughout the country. You can use them when executives are scouting new locations for offices or for when they are helping to open a new branch of your business.

Short-Term Corporate Rentals

Short-term corporate rentals function in a similar way to residence hotels, but without the room service, maids, and other hotel amenities. They typically require a lease that lasts months instead of weeks, but they still offer a handy short-term housing solution. These rentals may be houses or apartments, and they are often fully furnished and move-in ready. A short-term rental can be a great bridge for an executive who is relocating to a new city but hasn't yet found a home to purchase. You can work with a real estate agent to find a corporate rental in any new city you are transferring employees to.

Permanent Corporate Housing

Some companies prefer to purchase homes or condominiums in certain areas for employee use. Having permanent housing near your company's corporate headquarters means that executives will always have a place to stay when visiting the home office. The dwelling should be fully furnished like the above two options so it's always ready for use, and it should be conveniently located close to your business. Owning your own corporate housing can also come in handy when you are entertaining clients from out of town, as you can provide them with their own personal accommodations instead of having them stay in a hotel room.

Talk to your staff about your company's different corporate housing needs to determine which of these options is best for you. Should you decide on a short-term rental or permanent housing purchase, work with a real estate agent with experience in locating corporate housing.

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