2 Items Your Realtor Will Help You With When You Are Buying A Home

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When you have a toothache, you go to your dentist, and when you are ready to buy a home, you seek out and hire a real estate professional. While working with your realtor, there are many tasks they will do for you while they are with you, and there are many other tasks they will do behind the scenes. Here are some items you can expect a great real estate agent to help you with during your home-buying process.

Recommend Professional Services

During the home search and buying process you will need to use several types of professional services to help you complete specific tasks. For example, you will need a mortgage broker to help you find the right financing for your home purchase, and you will also need a reliable title company or real estate attorney to complete the title search and provide insurance on the home you will buy. To get recommendations as to which company or professional to use, you should ask someone who works around them regularly and knows which ones are helpful: your real estate agent.

A real estate service, like Gloria Howell Team, can provide the contact information for any type of professional you should need during the buying process. This can include looking for a home inspector to complete your home's inspection before closing.

Your agent can also provide information about a local contractor to give you a reliable bid on repairs necessary on a home you are considering purchasing. For example, if a home you are considering buying needs foundation work, you would need a foundation specialist to give you a bid on the repairs, which you would use to adjust your offer on the home's purchase. Your realtor can recommend a great foundation specialist.

Be Present at the Inspections

After your real estate agent provides you with a professional home inspector's contact info and you hire them to complete the inspection, your real estate agent can be present with the inspector during the inspection. This gives your agent a front-row seat to the inspection and any problems they may find. Your real estate agent can give you details about your inspection immediately after it is completed before your having to wait for the inspection report.

As the closing to your home approaches, you will need to complete a final walk-through of your home, which your real estate agent should be present for. This inspection is for you and your agent to make sure the sellers have moved out and completed any repairs you requested of them. During the final walk-through, it can be helpful to have another set of eyes to check the home, especially one who has done a final walk-through many times.

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