3 Features That Will Make Your Bathroom Feel More Luxurious

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If you are in the process of looking at luxury homes for sale, you want to make sure that you make your bathroom as nice and as comfortable as the rest of your home. Warm up your bathroom with radiant floors, add lots of lighting, and budget for a shower and a tub.

1. Install Radiant Floors

Part of what makes most bathrooms so cold is the flooring. That granite may look great on your floors, or that marble may shine really well, but it is not going to be that warm under your feet. Since your bathroom is the one part of your room where you are most likely to walk around barefoot, you want your bathroom to be warm from the bottom up.

Install radiant, heated floors in your bathroom. This will help ensure that your floors are always warm and so are your feet. You don't only have to rely on radiant heat to warm up your bathroom through, you can add forced heat to your bathroom as well or you can add heated fans to push heat down from the top of your bathroom as well.

2. Add Lots of Lights

One of the things that can make a bathroom feel luxurious is the addition of lots of lights in the room. Lots of light can really change how the bathroom feels. Add track lights under the counters. Add recessed lights above your mirrors for additional light. This will really help you really see yourself better when you are getting ready.

Adding mode lighting can make your bathroom a more relaxing place. When you want to soak in your tub or have a relaxing shower, you can adjust the lights to achieve that feeling. Or if you are trying to wake up, you can turn on all the lights full blast to help wake you up. It is better to add extra lights to your bathroom than not enough. No one enjoys a bathroom that feels more like a cave.

3. Budget for a Shower and a Tub

For a real luxurious bathroom, you need to have room for both a shower and a tub. Luxurious bathrooms don't have a combined shower and tub; they have enough square footage to accommodate both features separately. A stand-alone soaking tub can be great for relaxing after a hard day at work. If you like to relax, go for a tub with jets. It's like having your own mini-hot tub without all the maintenance.

For your shower, glass showers and open showers are popular in luxurious bathroom, as are double-headed showers so that two people can enjoy showering together or you can just change up the way you shower from day to day.

Don't be afraid to indulge in the extras for your bathroom in your luxury home. Stay warm with heated floors, add lots of lights to set the mood, and be sure to budget both the space and money for a stand-alone tub and shower for your bathroom space.  

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