Ways To Convey A Luxurious Lifestyle When Selling A Luxury Home

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When you list your luxury home for sale, you need to keep in mind that you're selling more than a residence and some property — you're also selling a lifestyle. Those who are in the market to buy luxury homes want to live lives of luxury upon moving in, and you should go to considerable lengths to convey this lifestyle when you list your home. This means that it's important to stage each room, as well as the exterior of the home, appropriately before your photographer takes pictures. And, when it's time for private showings, you should take a similar approach. Here are some ways to convey a luxurious lifestyle.

Park Luxury Vehicles In The Driveway

If you peruse luxury real estate listings, you'll notice that a large majority of them include luxury vehicles parked in the driveway. Vehicles aren't sold with the house, of course, but their presence on the day of the photo shoot and for open houses or private showings can all give prospective buyers the feeling of a luxury lifestyle. If you own a luxury automobile, have it professionally cleaned and park it where it's visible. If your vehicles aren't noteworthy, seek a friend who owns a high-end vehicle and have him or her park the vehicle at your place. Alternatively, renting a luxury car from a high-end car rental service can be worthwhile.

Give The Illusion Of A High-End Gathering

Any prospective buyer of a luxury home likely dreams of hosting fancy galas in the future, so it's advantageous for you to set up the home in a manner that pays tribute to this idea. Set your dining room up as though you're expecting the richest of guests — your best china, silverware, and crystal can all make an appearance on the table. You may also consider stocking the wine rack with expensive bottles of wine.

Show Off Some Toys

Luxury homeowners like to work hard and play hard, so make sure that whatever "toys" you have are on display. If you have a fancy boat or off-road vehicle on a trailer, parking it where it's visible can further play up the feeling of a luxury lifestyle. If you have a putting green in the backyard, having some putters and balls around the area will also suit your goal. The more ways that you can give people browsing your listing the instant feel of a luxurious lifestyle, the quicker you'll be able to sell.

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