Single-Family Homes: What New Parents Need To Know

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Welcoming a child is a magical time. But it's also a time when changes happen at what seems like lightning speed. As you go from two to three, looking for single-family homes for sale is something that's often next on many new parents must-do list.

If your old apartment or small-sized home won't fit your new family, finding the 'just right' one means created a check-list of what to look for. Keep in mind; your newborn won't be a baby forever. This means you need to consider what your housing needs will include both right now and in the future.

Take a look at some of the most common must-have's that new parents look for in a single-family home.

The Outdoor Space

Even though your baby can barely lift their head without your help, someday they'll need space to run, ride bikes and play. This means that you need a yard. Or at the very least, you need a home that has easy access to a park or other safe place space.

If a yard is on your have-to-have list, make sure that the home you pick has a level space that is either fenced in or can be fenced in. It's also helpful to have a yard that's in easy view of the interior windows. While you'll need to go outside and supervise your young child at play, as they age they'll have the ability and independence to go into the yard without you. But you'll still need an unobstructed view to keep an eye on them.

Parking Spaces

Carrying bags of groceries and pushing a stroller down the street or from an alley around the corner isn't exactly easy. A house with its own driveway or an attached garage is a major convenience for parents who own cars.

Before you put an offer on the 'perfect' home that only has one parking space, think about your future needs. Will you, or your spouse, get a car in the future? This means that you'll need two places to park. Are you planning on keeping your home for the long-run? Someday your baby will be a teenager who drives. This may mean that you need a third space for another car.

Safety Features

Look around the single-family homes that you are considering and think about what it will be like to have a toddler in the house. Are there balconies or decks that are obvious fall hazards? Is the stairway steep and difficult for a new-walker to navigate?

While some safety issues are easy to correct, find out what the cost to you will be before you decide to buy.

Becoming a parent changes everything — including what you want or need in a home. Now that your family is growing, thinking about the future can help you to choose the house that makes sense for you right now and for years to come.

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