Three People For Whom A Walk-Up Apartment Is Ideal

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A walk-up apartment is a small building that may only be a few stories in height and has a limited number of units. There aren't many similarities between this type of apartment and the perhaps better-known high-rise apartment, but the former can have a lot of benefits that its residents will appreciate. If you're thinking about looking into rental apartments and you're open to a variety of types of buildings, it's definitely worthwhile to scout out some walk-up buildings in your community and make appointments with rental agents to check them out. Here are three types of people for whom a walk-up apartment is ideal.

Active People

People who enjoy keeping active will often take the stairs in lieu of the elevator, even if they live several floors up in a residential building. For such individuals, walk-up apartments can be ideal because these buildings seldom have elevators — you must always use the stairs if your apartment is higher than the ground floor. Since you're likely in favor of the stairs anyway, you won't mind using them each time. Additionally, if you're someone who enjoys bicycling and keeps your bike in your apartment, it's quick and easy to up and down the stairs with the bike, rather than having to cram it into a crowded elevator.

Young Families

Young families can also benefit from living in walk-up apartments. If you're a parent of a young child who catches the school bus outside his or her apartment, you probably don't want your child walking from the unit outside by himself or herself if you're in a high-rise building. Navigating long hallways and perhaps being in the elevator with a stranger can be unsettling for you and your child. In a walk-up building, this isn't the case — and you may not have a problem sending your child down the stairs and out the door to catch the bus while you watch from the window.

Shift Workers

Shift workers come and go at unconventional hours, which can present a couple issues when you live in an apartment. If you're the conscientious type, you might not like the idea of taking the elevator and walking down a long hallway when most residents are asleep, as the sounds could be disruptive. Additionally, if you feel vulnerable at times, the idea of using an elevator in the middle of the night could feel disconcerting. Should you choose to live in a walk-up building, you can quickly, easily, and safely get to and from your unit.

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