Tactics To Employ When Selling A Home Next To A Cemetery

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As much as you can change your home prior to listing it for sale, you don't have any control over the surrounding environment — which can sometimes seem like an obstacle for you. If you have a single-family home that backs onto a cemetery and are looking to sell, you may be concerned that the cemetery could scare some prospective buyers away. This is likely true — there are some people who may feel that the area is creepy, and who will take a pass on your house even if it meets more of their criteria. You obviously can't change your location, but there are several things that you can do to make the best of this situation. Here are some suggestions.

Make Your Home Bright And Cheery

There may be some people who note the close proximity of the cemetery and feel a little creeped out. However, you can quickly change these peoples' perspectives by doing all that you can to make your home as bright and cheery as possible. Fresh paint, especially in lighter hues, exterior lights on if someone is coming in the evening, and fresh flowers in vases in a few key areas of the home can all help to give interested buyers better feelings about your home.

Embrace Your Location

While you might hope that no one notices the cemetery near your home, this is probably a futile dream. Flip the script by embracing your location. Cemeteries don't need to be creepy, and you can mention the benefits of this attraction in your real estate listing. One of the biggest perks is the quiet, and the fact that no development is likely to occur behind your home is a major advantage, too. If the cemetery is historic, note that residents can tour it to immerse themselves in the area's history. You can also cater to fitness enthusiasts by noting how many miles of walking trails are present through the cemetery.

Don't Sell At Halloween

If possible, try to avoid putting your home on the market around Halloween. People who are a little superstitious may feel extra unnerved about cemeteries at this time of the year, and this could be an obstacle that keeps you from selling your home. If there are other homes in the neighborhood decorated in a spooky manner, even if you don't put up Halloween decorations, the area may feel a little creepy to some people.

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