Working With A Developer To Buy A Home In A New Subdivision

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When you start to consider buying a new home and have decided that you want to be in a new home subdivision, finding the right location and the right developer to work with is important. The developer will most likely have a real estate agent or broker that you will need to purchase the home through but for all the building options and customizations, they will most likely want to work with you directly.

Finding The Perfect Location

When you start to look at locations for your home, you need to make sure that it offers everything you want. If a short commute is important to you, put that on your list. Check out the schools close by and see if they fit your needs as well. You may want to look at the crime stats in the area as well. If the location and the home design fits your needs, then you can sit down with the contractor and the real estate agent to start the buying process.

Amenities And Extras

If you are looking for specific amenities like a pool, gym, or golf course, ask about what is planned for the community and what the time frame for those amenities will be available. If the development is in the early stages of construction, the amenities may not be available for a while but it might be worth the wait if they are offering something you really want to have access to. 

Working With The Developer

The homes that are being built by a developer or contractor in a development are often based off several models but you may have some options to change the design. Taking the time to talk to the contractor about the changes you would like, is the best way to find out exactly what can and cannot be changed. Some developers will not alter the design while others are open to changes and custom work in each home. If you like the design options that are available in the models that have been designated for the development, you can move forward with the building and be in your home much faster but don't settle if you are not going to happy with it.

Working With The Real Estate Agent

Because most of these developments are being constructed quickly, the developer often has a selling agent that will be on site for people to talk to. If you have an agent that you are using to find a home, you can tell them about the development and they can work with the seller's agent for you. In most cases, you are going to want to have your own agent to help you through the process and make sure anything you want in the contract get included. Protecting yourself is important and your agent will know what needs to be done and how to do it. 

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