4 Things You Didn't Know Real Estate Agents Could Do

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Understanding Real Estate Options After struggling for years to figure out my finances, I finally made the decision to buckle down and start saving for a house. It was difficult at first, but I knew that I had to do whatever I could to get into a different place. I was tired of renting and I didn't want to live in someone else's house, so I began working with a real estate agent to figure things out. Within a few short months, I was able to find a great home that had the kinds of amenities I wanted. I decided to make a blog that reflected different real estate options people have, so here you are.



When you think of real estate agent services, you probably imagine an agent showing and selling properties to buyers. You may even remember that agents run "open house" showings. What you may not know is that real estate agents provide several other potentially useful services, and you can partake of these services even if you are not buying or selling a house.

1. Stage a Home

Staging a home means that an agent comes into your house with an interior decorator. They look around, consider some design approaches, and then remove your furniture and decor temporarily. At this point, the decorator/designer goes to local furniture and home interiors stores, borrows some choice pieces, and decorates the empty rooms. You get to see what your home would look like with the decorator's/designer's help, and anyone else walking through your home can imagine what it would look like if they lived there.

2. Property Maintenance

Snowbirds are elderly people who fly south for the winter and return in the spring. During that time, their properties need maintenance. Snow removal, ice removal, etc., have to be completed by someone or the owners could be fined for leaving the house and property as is. If an older couple has no nearby kin, and are not very close or familiar with the nearby neighbors, they need help. Real estate agents can provide this.

3. Property Management

If you own rental property, or you rent out your home when you are not residing in it yourself, you have to manage the property. This means that you keep the property clean, tidy, and well-kept both inside and out. It also means finding and signing tenants to a lease or evicting problem tenants. If you do not have the time, and you only want to collect the rent, you can hire real estate agents to manage the property.

4. Buy Your Home to Sell Later

If you absolutely have to leave town like, yesterday, a real estate agent can consult with the agency's owner to see if the agency/agent can make an offer and buy your home outright. If the agent can do so, the agent cuts you a check, and the agency becomes the deed and property owners. Then the agency/agent can sell your old house at leisure, instead of trying to sell it on a short sale or trying to push a sale through that might not end well.

For more information, contact your local real estate agent services.

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