3 Tips To Help You In Your Search For Buying The Right Home

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Finding homes for sale that fit you and your family's needs require some searching, preparation, and help with the right knowledge. Hiring a real estate agent is a good first step to help you begin your search for a home. But as you go on a private tour to view each home, here are three tips to help you check for home specifics and look for any problems as you narrow down your selection to the right home for you and your family.

View During Daylight

One of the most important tips to help you inspect a home during your private showing is to visit the home during daylight hours. If you work late or the sun sets earlier due to the winter season, take some time on a weekend or your day off to view a property in full sunlight.

It can be easy to miss important details on a home when you look at it during night or even twilight. Viewing a home during the day will help you get a full perspective on the home's interior and exterior and also helps you check the condition of the home's exterior siding, for example, or the roofing shingles

Measure Spaces

Often as you go on a private showing in a home, you may want to know the actual size of a room or bedroom. When you consider buying a home, it is important that your furniture fits well within each of the rooms, so it is helpful to know the dimensions of the interior. Instead of carrying around a contractor's tape measure, you can use your own feet to measure.

Begin at one end of the space you want to measure, placing your heel against the wall. Place your feet one in front of the other toe to heel, and count how many of your foot lengths it takes to cross the space. Record and save this information in your cell phone and repeat for each space you want to measure. When you get back home, you can measure your home's rooms with your foot lengths to get a comparison and to see if specific furniture pieces will fit.

Take a Flashlight

It is also a good idea to take a bright flashlight with you during each private tour. Although you will be viewing each property during the daylight, and most homes on the market will have working electricity and lighting, there may be situations where you need to check into a dark space.

A flashlight can illuminate the space under a bathroom or kitchen sink to check for any dampness or signs of leaking plumbing or mold and mildew growth. You can also shine the flashlight into a crawlspace or storage room that is not illuminated. And you can also use the flashlight to look into an attic space to inspect for problems. Although you are not a home inspector, you can look for obvious problems and issues.

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