Three Reasons To Swap Your Conventional Locks For An Access Control Key

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If you are concerned about the security of the items in your business or office, one option that you have to bolster the protection of these areas is to swap your traditional lock for an access control key. An access control key requires potential entrants to your business to enter the correct key code before they are granted entry to the building. Check out a few reasons an access control key may be a better option for your space.

1. Lost Keys Are No Longer a Concern

A downside to providing your employees and vendors with keys to access your business is that there is always the potential that these individuals lose their keys or have them stolen. With an access control key, this is no longer a concern. You can assign each vendor or employee a unique key code.

Another benefit of using a key code instead of keys is that this permits you to better track who has entered your business and at what time. If your business suffers from internal theft, an access control key can help you figure out who was in the building at the time the theft occurred. 

To get the most security from your access control key, make sure employees know that sharing key codes is not permitted. See that your employees understand that a key code is an important piece of information that identifies who has entered the building. 

2. Individuals Who Input the Wrong Code Repeatedly Are Locked Out

If someone tries to guess the key code in order to gain access to your business, the individual is locked out for a certain period of time. The exact process depends on the access control system. However, by forcing the unauthorized individual to wait before trying to input the code again, this decreases the likelihood of theft, as potential burglars are unlikely to wait around for the keypad to reset.

3. Revoking Access to Your Business Becomes a Simple Process

When you part ways with an employee or vendor, one of the the issues that you may face is how to ensure this individual no longer has access to your place of business. Though you can take back the individual's keys, it is possible for the employee or vendor to make a copy. This can occur even if the key reads "do not copy."

However, with an access control system, the only thing you need to do to revoke that individual's access to your business is remove the key code from the access control system. Should the individual try to enter your business, this person will be locked out because the code will be invalid.

For more information about how access control keys can benefit your business's security, contact companies like Arapahoe County Security Center Inc.

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