Getting An HVAC System Inspected Before Buying A House

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Buying a house should involve a lot of consideration, as it is a major purchase that usually involves spending a substantial amount of money. The most important aspect of buying a house is to ensure that you are not purchasing property that will require money being spent on unknown problems that are not noticed until moving in. For instance, if you don't want to possibly have to replace the central HVAC system, it is wise to get it inspected by a technician before the sales contract is signed. Making major repairs or replacing an HVAC system can be costly. Take a look at the content below to learn about some of the things that a technician can inspect in regards to an HVAC system.

The Calibration of the Thermostat

Thermostat calibration is an important aspect of an HVAC system inspection. The reason why is because a thermostat that isn't calibrated properly can make your house inefficient due to the temperature not being accurate when the HVAC is running. Several things can lead to the temperature becoming inaccurate, such as an accumulation of dirt inside of the thermostat. When the house that you want to purchase is inspected, the technician will let you know what it will cost to calibrate the thermostat if it is necessary. He or she might also have to install new parts before the correct temperature will be reached.

Leaks & Debris in the Air Ducts

The air ducts will be inspected to determine if they need any repairs. For example, if the ducts are leaking out air, it is necessary for them to be replaced or patched up. An air leak causes the HVAC system to function in an inefficient manner that can contribute to high energy bills if you decide to purchase the house. Dirt is another thing that a technician can inspect for when looking at the air ducts. You might want to request that the seller gets the ducts cleaned before you will purchase the house, or at least go down on the sales price so you can get the job done.

How Well the Furnace Functions

The furnace to an HVAC system is important because it determines the ability for heat to be produced. An inspection will include the technician looking at furnace parts such as the pilot, thermocouple, burner and other vital parts. He or she can determine if the furnace is old, and also if it the problems that are found can be fixed without being too costly. The electrical aspect of the furnace will be inspected as well, such as the circuit breaker and power cord.

The System Refrigerant Level

An HVAC system has refrigerant that is designed to last for a long time. However, it is possible for the refrigerant level to become excessively low and cause cooling problems for the system. A leak is one of the reason for the refrigerant level to get unusually low. However, an improperly charged system can also be the cause of low refrigerant, which can get recharged by a technician.

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