Three Times Its Okay To Purchase A Home Site Unseen

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While many renters will view an apartment online and sign an electronic lease, it is less common to purchase a house sight unseen. If you want to buy a home, you may want to go through each room and determine just what will work for you and what may be deal-breakers. There are some situations where buying a home without seeing the home is an okay proposition. Here are three times where purchasing a home sight unseen is okay proposition. 

You plan to tear down the home

If you plan to tear down the old home, no matter the condition, then purchasing a home sight unseen is no big deal. The one thing that you need to concentrate on is the total square footage of the lot to ensure that the home you wish to build will be able to fit. Before you do agree to buy the home, you should get the plans for the lot and get an aerial view of the space if possible. This will provide you the overview that you need in order to commit to the home. 

You are interested in only one neighborhood

When only one neighborhood in the whole city will do, you may have limited options. If you need to live in a specific zip code and a specific neighborhood, you may need to purchase one of the few homes on the market in this space. If the inventory is limited and tends to go quickly, you will need to jump on a home in the area that you can afford. If you are itching to live in a specific neighborhood, bidding on a home in good condition that day will allow you to achieve your dream, and you can make changes when necessary once you live in the home. 

You are interested in rehabilitation

As a home rehabilitation expert, you have the tools that you need to rebuild anything beyond and including the bones of the home. If you want a home that has curb appeal but you do not care if the interior is finished or if it is in good condition, you can bid on a home without seeing the interior. This works well if you plan to go to an auction or if you would like to have your real estate agent put in a bid for you without viewing the home. As a rehab expert, this opens up a number of homes that may be a little rough around the edges but can be perfect with some elbow grease. 

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