Don't Forget to Factor These Yard Expenses into Your House-Buying Budget

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Your mind should be constantly assessing costs when you're looking to buy a home. For example, if a room is painted in a color that you dislike, you should be thinking about how much you'll need to spend to repaint the room. As you look around a specific house and factor in these expenses, you'll be able to get an idea as to whether the house is within your price range and, if so, how much you should offer for it. Don't forget to also keep this concept in mind when you're looking at the yard.

Here are some yard expenses to think about.

Exterior Storage

If the garage of a particular home is limited in terms of storage space, you may need to think about extra storage for yard equipment, spare tires for your vehicles, and other storage needs. In your previous home, you may have had a garden shed or other type of exterior storage, but perhaps you're leaving it behind when you sell. If the home you're assessing doesn't have a shed, you'll need to factor in roughly how much you'll need to spend to buy one and have it delivered.

Yard Care

Buying the tools that you'll need for maintaining your yard should be something on your mind if you're buying your first home. Whereas longtime homeowners will commonly have the tools that they need and can take them when moving, this won't be the case if you're looking to buy your first single-family home after renting an apartment. In small yards, a lawnmower and some basic hand tools will be needed, and while having to buy these things may not make or break the house purchase on their own, they're good to think about. With larger properties, a ride-on mower or paying for a lawn care service to mow your lawn presents a larger expense.

Tree Removal

While some sellers will remove dead trees before listing their homes, this isn't always the case. If you like a particular house and the area in which it's situated, you may be ready to move forward with an offer—until you notice that there are several dead trees situated around the property. Dead trees are more than an eyesore. They can also be a health hazard to your family, and thus will need to come down promptly. Unless you plan to do the work yourself, it's useful to contact a tree service to determine a rough cost for this work so that you can keep this expense in mind when you submit your offer on the home.

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