Reasons That Springtime Is The Best Time To Sell Your Cottage

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If you've been thinking about selling your cottage and have decided to finally move forward in this regard, you don't need to hire a real estate agent and list the property right away. If you have the freedom to wait, springtime is often the best time to sell a cottage. If spring is still several months away, the good news is that you'll have ample time to get the cottage ready for sale, whether it's doing some landscaping, repairing your dock, or cutting down some dead trees. Here are some reasons that springtime is the best time to put this property on the market.

More People Are Shopping

As spring approaches, cottage owners are excitedly thinking about heading to the cottage — and those who don't own cottages are often daydreaming about buying a spot to spend vacations with their families. Your real estate agent will often tell you that the cottage market is hotter in the springtime because more people are interested in buying — and this increased demand may help you to sell your cottage faster, as well as for more money. Conversely, people are seldom thinking about cottaging in the fall, and may completely avoid browsing the real estate listings.

There's Less To Do

One of the time-consuming tasks of owning a cottage is opening it up in the spring and closing it down in the fall. If you try to sell your cottage at the end of the summer, a prospective buyer may shy away because he or she knows that upon taking possession, it's time to get busy with closing the property down. On the other hand, once you open up the cottage in the early spring, anyone who is thinking about buying it will know that the work is done and that he or she has several months to enjoy the space before having to close it down.

There's An Immediate Payoff

People characteristically buy things with the intention of using them right away. If you buy a new shirt, you'll often wear it within the week; if you buy a car, you'll likely drive it home from the lot and never look back. The idea of buying something and then not using it for months isn't appealing, and this is why listing your cottage in the wintertime is a poor idea. Someone who is shopping for a cottage early in the spring knows that he or she will get to enjoy the purchase right away.

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